A class you can take from anywhere in the world, designed for vegan entrepreneurs available in English and Spanish

Course description

The recipes that you will learn, are created by me, and perfected over the course of 10 years working in the food industry. It is not necessary to have prior baking experience, beginners and professionals will equally benefit from taking this private course. Both, the recipes and work procedures, are designed to have optimal results in a vegan pastry business. The classes are private and in real time (not previously recorded), to obtain the maximum benefit from the experience. I believe this method creates a connection between the instructor and the student, answering questions in real time and giving the student the necessary guidance for success. Prior to each class you will receive a PDF document with all the information regarding the class (ingredients, utensils & equipment), is up to the student to gather all that is needed in order to make the recipe during class, or observe while the instructor makes them, so they can watch the methods, tips, etc. Some people learn “ doing” and some people learn by watching, so is up to the student to decide what works for them. Prior to each class you will receive a PDF document with all the information regarding the ingredients, utensils & equipment needed.
The student has two options: Option 1 : Gather all the ingredients and equipment necessary to make the recipe during class, and make the recipe along with the instructor. Option 2: Observe the instructor make the recipe, take notes and practice making it at a later time.

What will you learn?

Class 1


  • Gluten free vegan cake base recipe and 4 variations of flavors and uses.

This recipe is designed to be used in business and it will be your base for different flavors and presentations.


  • Ingredients and alternatives:

I will share with you a curated list of the necessary ingredients to make the recipes and some alternatives and substitutes


  • Equipment, utensil & materials.


  • Making the dough: 

Here you will learn step by step how the cake dough is made, I share with you tips on how to get organized and procedures so you can take your cake business to the next level.


  • Storage: 

Here you will learn the easiest and most efficient way to store your preparations, so that you can save time and create effective systems that will help you as you increase your production.


Class 2


  • Baking your cake
  • Frosting recipes
  • 4 different types of frosting & color variations using healthy, natural ingredients


Class 3


  • Cake assembly
  • Cake fillings (2-3 tier cakes)
  • Introduction to edible flowers
  • Decoration
  • Boxes and final presentation

Additional information:

Each class will have a minimum duration of 2 hrs and a maximum of 4 hrs, depending on the student and their experience working in the kitchen. The class will be done online, with connection via, skype, facetime, whatsapp video chat. The time and dates of the classes will be defined by both the student and the teacher prior to the course. Once the dates & times of classes are established changes will be allowed with previous approval of the teacher.

Material that you will receive:

  • Recipes in PDF format
  • Egg substitution guide
  • Edible flower guide
  • Ingredient list (I will submit a curated list of all the ingredients that I have used over 10 years and that are high quality and have given me excellent results in baking, it is up to you, to find equivalent ingredients in your country).
  • Tools & equipment list: This list contains all the equipment and tools that you will need to do this course, you will find here all my recommendations, but this list is optional since there are tons of options of different tools and equipment and you can choose a different one if it works for you. 
  • The course includes 1 phone session (max 20 min) to solve any doubt once the course is completed, additional consultations will be billed separately.
  • The material you will receive is for your personal use, not to share on the internet, sell or share with friends, this is the result of over 10 years of work, that is why I will share it only with the people that take the course. Sharing this information with others will have karmic consequences!

This course is for you if:

You want to begin your vegan baking business from home or a store. If you have a baking business already and want to include vegan and gluten free cakes to offer to your clients. If you want to take your vegan and gluten free baking hobby to the next level If you want to learn to make Vegan and gluten free cakes that both vegans and non vegans will love. If you want to learn how to decorate cakes in a stunning & natural way using healthy ingredients If you want to learn the use of new ingredients and trends in the vegan pastry world. If you want to be a part of the new wave of chefs who want to offer healthier options and make that passion into a business.

Price of the course: U.S. Dollars $1,400

  • Terms:


    • All payments shall be made to The House of V studio LLC


    • Payment options include Paypal, Zelle, Bank Deposit


    • The course must be paid in full at least one week prior to the beginning of the first class.


    • There will be no refunds.


    • Once receipt of payment The student & teacher will determine the dates of the classes. There will be no reimbursements.


    • The recipes and material received are for the exclusive use of the student and not to be shared with others or sold on the internet.